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Volunteer Opportunities

Write blog for OM

Tell the world about the work of OM through your great writing skill. There are numerous champions in our school and we are looking for some creative thinkers/bloggers who can document thier success with their writings.

Support us online

Follow us on our social media and spread the word around by sharing the news, updates and success stories through your social media handle. We regularly share updtaes and we welcome the comments and feedbacks from our well-wishers.

Besides the above-given options, if you feel you can support OM Foundation in some other way being in line with the objectives of the organisation, we would like to hear from you. To volunteer in OM, please complete the form below and we shall get back to you with the most suitable volunteering options available for you.

Volunteer Form

(Eg Communication, Engineering, Sales, Fund raising, Finance, Fundraising, Human Resource, Training, Legal, Management, Marketing, Photography & Video, Data Analysis, Data Administration, Engineering, Digital Marketing)

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Volunteer Terms & Conditions

Following terms and conditions are applicable to every volunteer during his/her association with OM Foundation.

1. As a volunteer, you shall abide by OM’s rules and regulations and not disclose any information collected during your volunteering time with the organisation.
2. All information shall be maintained confidential and not be published in form of reports or papers unless specifically authorized by OM Foundation.
3. Any photographs taken shall not be used for commercial purpose.
4. Volunteers shall work towards assigned tasks and maintain a report of completed tasks.
5. OM Foundation shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential liabilities of whatsoever nature under this policy.
6. Volunteering opportunities are subjected to requirement and OM Foundation does not guarantee this opportunity to everyone.

Volunteer Speaks

Volunteering at OM Foundation has been one of the most enriching experiences for me. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with the kids at various occasions and they’ve never failed to impress me with their sheer determination and intelligence. The teachers and staff ensure that the students not only excel in academics but also actively engage in various cultural activities. I’ve had the chance of experiencing this personally, having helped organize various cultural activities in the school. Overall, my journey with OM Foundation has been extremely insightful and a memorable learning experience.

- Shreya Khurana

My volunteer work at OM Foundation has been a highly insightful and exciting experience. Having helped in the various cultural activities of the school, I’ve been able to communicate closely with the students. They’ve impressed me with their candor and intelligence. This is also a testament to their teachers who have provided both academic and emotional support to the students.
The various facilities available at the school, including a computer lab has helped in the overall development of the students. Overall, my time at OM Foundation has been one of the most enriching experiences.

- Danishta Kaul

I love interacting with kids at OM. Its so much fun to be around these kids watching them play, having a good discussion about so many things, group discussions. I really learn from them a lot". They are cooperative, open for discussion and most importantly excited to learn new things.

- Vinay

Working on the content of value based education with students of age 11 to 13 has been a great experience for me personally because in this age they are tend to learn new things. Me dealing and having discussion with students at OM Foundation School is something which can't be expressed in words, because the responses and learning opportunity they have provided to me is priceless.
Students are pro towards the content out of syllabus and want to know about it, is more than anything for me. Ultimately I would like to say that working in OM, which is providing space for such kind of things to which rest of schools are reluctant, is a very fine and courageous move in itself. I wish all the luck to the students and my co-fellows as well as school to take it forward. I am really grateful that I got the chance to be a part of it.

- Kamlesh