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How it works

Start a Campaign: Sign in or register and create an online fundraising campaign by filling in the required details.

Create Awareness: Once the campaign has been created, we will create one fundraising campaign, upload it on our website and share a link with you which you can share on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels and let your friends know.

Raise Funds: Tell your friends and family that they can support OM Foundation by contributing to your purposeful campaign.

Your campaign will be removed once you ask us to remove it.

We shall provide 80G certificate to all the donors which will help them in getting tax exemption.

Actives Foundrising Campaign

Bhooke Bacche



Donation raised so far : ₹ 500

Goal Donation :  ₹ 1000
Days Left :  23
Bhooke Bacche

Supporting the Nutrition of a Child

By :Rajneesh Ranjan

Donation raised so far : ₹ 200

Goal Donation :  ₹ 10000
Days Left :  56
Bhooke Bacche

Supporting Musical Instrument for 1 year

By :Sanjay Drabu

Donation raised so far : ₹ 5000

Goal Donation :  ₹ 50000
Days Left :  101
Bhooke Bacche

Supporting the fundraising for OM

By :Pooja Ailani

Donation raised so far : ₹ 1000

Goal Donation :  ₹ 5000
Days Left :  180